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Style Name: Fate

Measurement . Size 14 - 16cm fit

Sunstone is the stone of joy as it is known to bring happiness to the wearer. Best for the Sacral Chakra.

Rose Quartz is the stone that attracts love. Best for the Heart Chakra.

Amazonite is said to treat fatigue, brings forth soothing and tranquil vibes. Best for Throat Chakra.

Chakra . Sacral, Heart and Throat

GEMSTONE NOTES . Amazonite is known for its vibrant blue green hue and mined in Colorado. Sunstone includes Hematite and Goethite which light reflects light and creates iridescence when viewed from different angles, mined in Oregon, Australia and Norway. Rose Quartz is a pale pink translucent color mined in several countries like Brazil, India, South Africa.